Casino Royale (1954)

A black-and-white foto of a group of more than a dozen  expensively dressed white people clustered around a card table in a posh casino.

Episode 24
Monday 9 April 2018

Good evening. This doesn’t look dangerous, does it? But it’s killed plenty of men and women. It’s made beggars of many and millionaires of a few, mighty few.

We’re finally back, and we’re taking a break from either recording commentaries on the David Niven Casino Royale or simply not podcasting at all, in order to release a commentary on the first ever appearance of James Bond on screen: a live television adaptation of Casino Royale, first broadcast on American television in 1954.

See the film

It’s just possible that you don’t have a DVD version of this in your collection, so you can watch it along with us in this version which has been released on YouTube. (Illegally, probably.)

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