Casino Royale (2006)

The hot new James Bond stands in a sunlit turquoise sea. He is  shirtless, and his chest and shoulders are impressive.

Episode 25
Saturday, 14 April 2018

– Vodka martini.
– Shaken or stirred?
– Do I look like I give a damn?

Hello, and welcome back to Bondfinger, the only James Bond commentary podcast consisting entirely of commentaries on various versions of Casino Royale.

This month, it’s Daniel Craig’s first outing as Jimmy Bond. Accompanied by sidekick Clarence Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) and love interest Eva Green (Ursula Andress), the American agent must defeat dangerous card shark Die Ziffer (Peter Lorre) in a psychedelic game of old maid that will take Jimmy to the very edges of sanity and beyond.

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