Modesty Blaise

Episode 34

– Oh, I’m sorry about the explosion. It doesn’t happen every day.
– I don’t come every day.

This month, we’re watching the camp 1966 spy-fi classic Modesty Blaise, starring a very attractive Italian lady, Dirk Bogarde and Bernice off Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. There’s diamond smuggling, spycraft and racist comedy Arabs, but it’s mostly all there to get in the way of the lovely location work in Amsterdam and Italy and the upsettingly psychedelic wallpaper.

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No one seems to want this film on their streaming services or digital stores, for some reason, but you can still buy it on Blu-ray or DVD. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon AU)

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2 thoughts on “Modesty Blaise”

  1. Classic cult 60’s – the female james bond spy film story

    Q. Tarantino paid homage to Peter O’Donnell’s MB in Pulp Fiction – J.Travolta scene – reading the novel while doing a number 2 !

  2. Enjoyed MB immensely

    Hows about similar others ie the same eg – BBC Radio 4
    MD episodes (15 mins each)

    I bet we MB fans would love to hear them podcasts – I’ll bet they would allow you to re- broadcast and air them too!


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