The Arrow of God

Honor Blackman and Roger Moore are standing outside in the garden at night. Both are formally dressed. They are looking at each other.

Episode 39
Saturday, 2 May 2020

– Well, well. The Saint, no less. I know a great deal about you.
– I’m flattered.
– Don’t be. I follow your exploits with extreme distaste. That article about you in The Times last Sunday was the most nauseating thing I’ve seen in print.
– Tried reading your own columns?

This month, our tribute to Honor Blackman continues as we revisit the earliest days of Rogertainment with the seventh episode of The SaintThe Arrow of God. A gossip columnist and blackmailer has been murdered, but who is the perpetrator? Richard, with his history of embezzlement? Peter, who can’t stop cheating at tennis? Nathan, with his dubious parentage? Or James, with his dark, bigamous past?

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