The Man with the Golden Gun

James Bond is resting his head against the bare belly of a woman, whose head we can't see. He looks very surprised.

Episode 10
Sunday, 5 June 2016

– Good morning. How’s the water?
– Why don’t you come in and find out?
– Sounds very tempting, Miss, er…
– Chew Mee.
– Really? There’s only one problem. I have no swimming trunks.
– Neither have I.

This month, Brendan, Richard and James shred to pieces one of Nathan’s favourite Bond films, The Man with the Golden Gun. On the way, we discuss the casting couch, Roger’s reluctance to learn the choreography, the inscrutable geography of Asia and the need for every Bond stunt from here on in to be performed to the sound of a slide whistle.

The Q and A with Sarah Douglas, star of Superman II, is at the Hayden Orpheum in Sydney’s Cremorne, on 9 October 2016. See you there, perhaps.

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