Live and Let Die

Standing in front of a bonfire is an African man, with half his face painted white. He is shirtless, but wearing a white top hat and a  white jacket.

Episode 9
Sunday, 1 May 2016

This month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James watch the first of Roger Moore’s seven Bond films: Live and Let Die. We cringe at the racism, admire Tee Hee’s positive approach to his work and enjoy Roger Moore’s best hair ever.

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The Man with the Golden Gun

James Bond is resting his head against the bare belly of a woman, whose head we can't see. He looks very surprised.

Episode 10
Sunday, 5 June 2016

This month, Brendan, Richard and James shred to pieces one of Nathan’s favourite Bond films, The Man with the Golden Gun. On the way, we discuss the casting couch, Roger’s reluctance to learn the choreography, the inscrutable geography of Asia and the need for every Bond stunt from here on in to be performed to the sound of a slide whistle.

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The Spy Who Loved Me

Jaws, a big burly assassin wearing a three-piece suit, bares his huge metal teeth.

Episode 11
Saturday, 2 July 2016

After a couple of fairly lacklustre films, the James Bond franchise roars back to life in the seminal Bond film of the 1970s: The Spy Who Loved Me. So, among the crude double entendres and Doctor Who references, there’s a lot of admiration here: the frocks, Jaws, Barbara Bach’s fabulous breasts, Bernard Lee’s fabulous nose, and the biggest set in the biggest sound stage in human history.

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A short young woman with blond plaits wearing glasses and a yellow jumpsuit; she is smiling and standing in front of the door on a space station.

Episode 12
Saturday, 6 August 2016

This month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James watch the widely reviled 1979 classic Moonraker, and to their absolute delight, they discover that it’s actually really good. Of course, they also criticise some terrible kerning, wince at the series’ most upsetting death, and wonder if Drax’s guards can actually hear anything under all that.

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For Your Eyes Only

James Bond is looking at us, while holding a beautiful dark-haired woman. In the background are the sea and a cloudy sky.

Episode 13
Sunday, 4 September 2016

This month, Brendan, Nathan, Richard and James decide to rein it all back in — we’re dumping into a chimney the whole idea of taking over the world, and instead we’ll just do a whole lot of skiing, rock-climbing and wrangling over a eighties-era electronic calculators. Oh, and punching Lynn-Holly Johnson in the face. For Your Eyes Only-y-y!

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A close-up image of a blue-ringed octopus in a fish tank.

Episode 14
Saturday, 1 October 2016

This month, we’re throwing political correctness to the winds, and trying out every conceivable Indian stereotype. Brendan is sleeping on a bed of nails, Nathan is swallowing swords, Richard is charming snakes, and (strangely) James is dressing as Agnetha from the music video of SOS. It’s the second best Bond film of 1983 (or is it?). Welcome to Octopussy.

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A View to a Kill

A close up of a black woman in strikingly coloured makeup with a high black collar; she has short hair and her tongue  is touching her top front teeth. It's May Day.

Episode 16
Friday, 20 January 2017

Well, it’s our last ever Rodgecast, and we couldn’t be more upset to see him go. (Although he only appears in this film for about five minutes: in most scenes he is played by one of a team of about three dozen stuntmen.) To console ourselves, we share a few bottles of bubbles, while we discuss flirting grandparents, pranking Roger in bed, the absence of Ken Adam, the worst actors to play Bond villains, the curse of Goldfinger, and the terrible disappointment of a flaccid zeppelin.

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Roger Moore standing in a village street wearing a lovely suit with a pale blue tie. He looks very serious.

Episode 53
Friday, 29 October 2021

This month, advertising account executive Gary Fenn (Roger Moore) and fiery underwear model Marla Kougash (Claudie Lange) find themselves on the run as they try to foil a violent fascist takeover of Great Britain. Meanwhile Richard (Martha Hyer), James (Dudley Sutton), Brendan (Mark Ruffalo) and Nathan (an extremely rosaceous Sir Bernard Lee) take copious liquid advantage of the recent lifting of Sydney’s lockdown by slurring their way through the long-forgotten quota quickie Crossplot.

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