Casino Royale (1967)

An indignant-looking man, in pyjamas and a nightcap, stands in an expensive-looking room.

Episode 6
Sunday, 7 February 2016

What the hell just happened?

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Casino RoyaleNivenNonsenseThings That Aren’t Proper Bond Films

Casino Royale (1967) Redux

David Niven is standing in an expensively decorated old room. He is taking off his singlet in a determined-looking way.

Episode 23
Saturday, 6 January 2018

In this Very Special Holiday Episode, we right one of the greatest wrongs in the history of the Bondfinger franchise — Richard’s exclusion from our commentary on Casino Royale (1967), which is a film that Richard knows and loves and a film about which has many hilarious and insightful things to say.

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Casino RoyaleNivenNonsenseThings That Aren’t Proper Bond Films

Carry on Spying

A black-and-white photo of Kenneth Williams in a tuxedo sitting in  a bar. His eyes are narrowed and he looks particularly annoyed.

Episode 30
Sunday, 20 January 2019

This month, Richard leads a bumbling troupe of trainee Secret Service agents on a mission to retrieve a top-secret chemical formula. But Brendan faints after his first martini, James keeps accidentally giving the formula to enemy agents, and Nathan is altogether too enthusiastic about disguising himself as a dancing girl. Which is why there’s nothing left for us to do but Carry on Spying.

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Roger Moore standing in a village street wearing a lovely suit with a pale blue tie. He looks very serious.

Episode 53
Friday, 29 October 2021

This month, advertising account executive Gary Fenn (Roger Moore) and fiery underwear model Marla Kougash (Claudie Lange) find themselves on the run as they try to foil a violent fascist takeover of Great Britain. Meanwhile Richard (Martha Hyer), James (Dudley Sutton), Brendan (Mark Ruffalo) and Nathan (an extremely rosaceous Sir Bernard Lee) take copious liquid advantage of the recent lifting of Sydney’s lockdown by slurring their way through the long-forgotten quota quickie Crossplot.

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Bullseye! (1990)

Roger Moore and Michael Caine are in a wood-panelled corridor on the Orient Express. They have opened the door to look into one  of the cabins, which is filled with smoke.

Episode 60
Saturday, 17 December 2022

Weighing in at 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, our latest pinched loaf of pure Rogertainment is Bullseye!, a 1990 comedy starring Roger Moore and Michael Caine as two petty criminals pursuing a nuclear physicist and his patron, played by Michael Caine and Roger Moore. Hilarity ensues, probably.

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