Bullseye! (1990)

Roger Moore and Michael Caine are in a wood-panelled corridor on the Orient Express. They have opened the door to look into one  of the cabins, which is filled with smoke.

Episode 60
Saturday 17 December 2022

– We’re thieves, not spies.
– Thank you, Sidney. There goes our not guilty plea.

Weighing in at 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, our latest pinched loaf of pure Rogertainment is Bullseye!, a 1990 comedy starring Roger Moore and Michael Caine as two petty criminals pursuing a nuclear physicist and his patron, played by Michael Caine and Roger Moore. Hilarity ensues, probably.

See the film

Bullseye! was given a fairly lacklustre DVD release, which you can buy from Amazon in Australia (Amazon AU). Both delightfully and inexplicably, it’s available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video in the US and the UK. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK).

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