Sherlock Holmes in New York

Roger Moore is dressed as Sherlock Holmes, sitting in an armchair in the sitting room, smoking a pipe.

Episode 57
Sunday 22 May 2022

This month: New York! With a horribly miscast Roger Moore as Sherlock Holmes and a horribly misjudged John Watson in Patrick Macnee, Sherlock Holmes in New York is the story of a ruddy-cheeked and thoroughgoingly heterosexual consulting detective, his toffy-nosed dimwit sidekick, and their inexplicably beautiful girlfriend (Charlotte Derampling), who all harbour a dark secret, in the form of an appalling American moppet called Scott. Plus, all of the world’s gold has been stolen, or at least shifted to a nearby floor. Which is why, dear listener, it took us two attempts to work up the courage to even watch this.

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To Kill a Saint

Roger Moore is sitting on a bed wearing a lovely suit. Over his knee is a young blonde woman covering her face. He has raised his hand as if to spank her.

Episode 58
Saturday 3 September 2022

And we’re back at last — a fresh slab of Rogertainment, with a couple of ripper Aussie sheilas along for the ride. When organised crime boss Robert Verrier’s butler is unexpectedly exploded, he becomes convinced that Simon Templar is the killer. Hilarity ensues, of course, and Simon has no choice but to impersonate the assassin to uncover the real culprit.

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RogertainmentThe Saint

The Long Goodbye

Roger Moore is crouched by a sofa, leaning over a young dark-haired woman who is lying on it with a glass of brandy in her hands.  Behind them, Tony Curtis looks on concerned.

Episode 59
Saturday 19 November 2022

A skeleton flies a plane into a Scottish forest, and in that plane Rodge and Tony find a secret formula that will make all fossil fuels obsolete! Soon people are throwing punches, girls and million-dollar contracts at them both, but with the mystery of the skeletal aviator still unsolved, they have no alternative but to wait for the fabulous Nicola Pagett to sort it all out for them.

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RogertainmentThe Persuaders!

Bullseye! (1990)

Roger Moore and Michael Caine are in a wood-panelled corridor on the Orient Express. They have opened the door to look into one  of the cabins, which is filled with smoke.

Episode 60
Saturday 17 December 2022

Weighing in at 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, our latest pinched loaf of pure Rogertainment is Bullseye!, a 1990 comedy starring Roger Moore and Michael Caine as two petty criminals pursuing a nuclear physicist and his patron, played by Michael Caine and Roger Moore. Hilarity ensues, probably.

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