The Persuaders!

Five Miles to Midnight

Five people are standing in an expensively decorated old room. From left to right: Tony Curtis in a vinyl jacket, an older man who is kissing a woman's hand, Roger Moore standing in the background, the woman, who is Joan Collins with a massive hairdo, and a middle-aged man with a moustache who is wearing a crumpled suit and a dark shirt.

Episode 33
Saturday, 14 September 2019

This month, we’re watching The Persuaders! Season 1 Episode 17, Five Miles to Midnight, in which TV’s Roger Moore and sometime lady saxophonist Tony Curtis team up with Joan Collins to smuggle some guy out of Italy, accompanied by a series of excellent jokes written by Terry Nation.

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The Persuaders!

Read and Destroy

There are two young women in the woods, standing in front of a car: a tall blonde woman in a furry hat, and a short dark woman (Kate O'Mara) in a fur-lined hood.

Episode 47
Friday, 22 January 2021

This month, we resume last year’s abortive Kate O’Marathon with an episode of The Persuaders! from 1972, in which Tony Curtis and Roger Moore join forces to fail to recover a retired spy’s sensational memoirs, while Marla and Melania conceal a dark secret about their husband’s astonishing hairpiece.

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Kate O’MarathonThe Persuaders!

The Long Goodbye

Roger Moore is crouched by a sofa, leaning over a young dark-haired woman who is lying on it with a glass of brandy in her hands.  Behind them, Tony Curtis looks on concerned.

Episode 59
Saturday, 19 November 2022

A skeleton flies a plane into a Scottish forest, and in that plane Rodge and Tony find a secret formula that will make all fossil fuels obsolete! Soon people are throwing punches, girls and million-dollar contracts at them both, but with the mystery of the skeletal aviator still unsolved, they have no alternative but to wait for the fabulous Nicola Pagett to sort it all out for them.

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RogertainmentThe Persuaders!