Kate O’Marathon

To Trap a Rat

Three people are sitting in a small car: a blond man with his back to us, a blonde woman with dark glasses and a dark-haired woman, Kate O'Mara, who looks a bit dishevelled and distressed.

Episode 42
Saturday, 1 August 2020

This month, our Kate O’Marathon commences with a 1968 episode of The Champions, in which Miss O’Mara does some light shoplifting in the hope of scoring some deadly crack for the weekend, and the four of us team up to use our slightly racist superpowers to stop her.

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Kate O’MarathonSixties Spy-fi ShitThe Champions

Stay Tuned

Kate O'Mara is standing in the living room of a suburban house, pointing a gun at someone. Her hair is even more massive than usual.

Episode 43
Saturday, 5 September 2020

This month, our Kate O’Marathon continues with an episode from the final series of The Avengers, in which Steed gets repeatedly punched in the face, while some hot O’Mara-on-Tara action takes place in the next room.

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Kate O’MarathonThe Avengers

Read and Destroy

There are two young women in the woods, standing in front of a car: a tall blonde woman in a furry hat, and a short dark woman (Kate O'Mara) in a fur-lined hood.

Episode 47
Friday, 22 January 2021

This month, we resume last year’s abortive Kate O’Marathon with an episode of The Persuaders! from 1972, in which Tony Curtis and Roger Moore join forces to fail to recover a retired spy’s sensational memoirs, while Marla and Melania conceal a dark secret about their husband’s astonishing hairpiece.

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Kate O’MarathonThe Persuaders!

A Room in the Basement

A black and white photo of two women in a bedroom. In the background, a woman in a nightdress is looking out the window with binoculars. In the foreground, a woman (Kate O'Mara) is talking conspiratorially  on the phone.

Episode 48
Saturday, 20 March 2021

This month, we’re off to Geneva to rescue the handsome Captain Munro from Spearhead from Space, who has been abducted and held captive in the Romanian Embassy by some people who are apparently doing the accent. It’s a jolly old heist, involving Patrick McGoohan, the lovely Jane Merrow, Mr Range from Frontios and, in the true spirit of the Kate O’Marathon, Kate O’Mara herself. For a few minutes.

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