The Spy Who Loved Me

Jaws, a big burly assassin wearing a three-piece suit, bares his huge metal teeth.

Episode 11
Saturday, 2 July 2016

– Oh, by the way, thanks for deserting me back there.
– Every woman for herself, remember?
– Still, you did save my life.
– We all make mistakes, Mr. Bond.

After a couple of fairly lacklustre films, the James Bond franchise roars back to life in the seminal Bond film of the 1970s: The Spy Who Loved Me. So, among the crude double entendres and Doctor Who references, there’s a lot of admiration here: the frocks, Jaws, Barbara Bach’s fabulous breasts, Bernard Lee’s fabulous nose, and the biggest set in the biggest sound stage in human history.

As always, Bondfinger isn’t really safe for work.

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Doctor Who in Ten Seconds

On Bondfinger, we make it a strict rule to never mention Doctor Who, of course. But just this once, let’s make an exception.

Brendan has just uploaded the latest episode of Doctor Who in Ten Seconds, in which he deftly summarises every story in Doctor Who’s Season 4. Trust us, you’ll love it.

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