A View to a Kill

A close up of a black woman in strikingly coloured makeup with a high black collar; she has short hair and her tongue  is touching her top front teeth. It's May Day.

Episode 16
Friday, 20 January 2017

– Welcome sir, I’m Jenny Flex.
– Of course you are.

Well, it’s our last ever Rodgecast, and we couldn’t be more upset to see him go. (Although he only appears in this film for about five minutes: in most scenes he is played by one of a team of about three dozen stuntmen.) To console ourselves, we share a few bottles of bubbles, while we discuss flirting grandparents, pranking Roger in bed, the absence of Ken Adam, the worst actors to play Bond villains, the curse of Goldfinger, and the terrible disappointment of a flaccid zeppelin.

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