The Living Daylights

The new younger James Bond is wearing a tuxedo in a restaurant. He's looking pretty damn hot.

Episode 17
Saturday, 1 April 2017

We’re back after a two-year break, and somehow we’re darker, sexier, edgier, and a whole lot more Welsh. Brendan’s hot and bothered, James is seeking other podcasting opportunities, and Nathan is weirdly obsessed with the Dalton hair. He’s probably just jealous.

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Licence to Kill

A large dark-haired man stands in front of an ornately framed picture on a panelled wall. He is wearing a nice suit  and has an iguana sitting on his shoulder.

Episode 18
Saturday, 6 May 2017

This week, we’re still as dark and edgy as ever, but instead of commenting on a fun and witty espionage thriller, we’re consumed by a thirst for revenge, like so many tiresome action heroes of the 1990s. There’s also some stuff about cocaine mixed with petrol, which comes with so many warnings from the Surgeon General that you can barely fit them on the side of an oil tanker.

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