The Thunderbirds

The Man from MI.5

Lady Penelope (a marionette) is in her lavishly pink bedroom staring at her reflection in the mirror. There is a bullet hole in the mirror where her left eye would be.

Episode 55
Monday 17 January 2022

This month, we’re joined by Steven B from New to Who to investigate the theft by some puppets of the blueprints for a new atomic weapon. Inevitably, Lady Penelope gets tied to a bomb or something, and we have mere moments to locate her before she is completely exploded. The sets are lavish, the hardware is impressive and the eyebrow lifts are the most expensive and time-consuming eyebrow lifts until Rodge takes over as Bond. Thunderbirds are go, in The Man from MI.5.

Download · Open in new window · Duration 1:09:29 · 66.88 MB · Recorded on Saturday 15 January 2022

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