What the Butler Saw

A black and white photo of Mrs Peel, Jean Le Mesurier and Steed standing urgently in a wood-panelled corridor. Le Mesurier stands between and slightly behind the others, with a devious look on his face.

Episode 56
Sunday, 27 February 2022

– Actually, I wanted a word or five about the old Groupee, official magazine you know, I’m acting as PRO.
– From the HQ?
– BHQ.
– On TTR?
– JJV. seconded from RHB.
– Oh really, how’s the GCM?
– A-1.
– MY?
– 50 PPR.
– Downgraded to 007, eh?

This month, Steed and Mrs Peel are joined by John Le Mesurier, while we are joined again by Steven B, ably assisting us as we investigate various military bigwigs with improbable facial hair, who appear to be leaking valuable secrets to our enemies. Meanwhile, Diana Rigg’s Spotlight photo is getting one hell of a workout. Which is impossible to object to, really.

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